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Our unique idea!

Like many other eyeglass wearers, we have had made the frustrating experience of wearing a mask. The daily putting on and taking off of the mask creates even more stress and frustration for people who wear glasses as they are getting caught regularly.

From the frustrated "hooking" we have developed the innovative idea of the unique pegs.


And so we are happy to offer you our stylish UPEGs, which make wearing glasses much easier. They also protect your ears from pressure and uncomfortable feeling caused by the hooking of the mask. Also the UPEGs make wearing earrings and hearing aids much easier, as the mask loops do not come into contact with them.


By the way, UPEGs are also suitable for sunglasses, sports and protective glasses as well as for spectacle wearers in the medical field. Because thanks to the universal and balanced material polyamide 12, they can be flexibly and individually adapted to various temples.

We have created two designs for you: the UPEGs Classic and the UPEGS Sport.

Regardless of whether you choose a classic or a sporty design, eyeglass temples have different shapes. We have also considered this and offer you two models: the C and the O model. The C model is for flat temples and the O model is designed for round temples.

What shape and size you need for your glasses you can find out in our measuring instructions. Both models can be easily and flexibly attached to the temple and removed again. Order your personal UPEGs here.

Measuring instructions Model-C

Measuring instructions Model-O

Delivery and Shipping

Shipping within Germany:

For shipping within mainland Germany, we charge a flat rate of € 2.00 per order. From a gross order value of (50.00 €) euros, we ship free of charge.

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