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What are UPEGs?

UPEGs stand for Unique Pegs. We have developed them especially for people who wear glasses and need to wear a mask in everyday life or at work.

UPEGs are available in two designs “Classic or Sport”. They can be flexibly configured according to the shape and size of the glasses and are easy to attach. They are fixed to the temple of the glasses and the mouthguard loops are hooked in here.

Who are UPEGs for?

All kinds of glasses wearers: sun glasses, bicycle glasses, sports glasses and protective glasses as well as medical specialists. Children can also use UPEGs without any problems and without much effort.

How do UPEGs work?

There are two UPEG models: the C and the O model, they are based on the shape of your glasses temple. The C model is designed for flat temples and the O model for round temples. You can find out which shape and size you need for your glasses in our configuration information

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